Omaha Consultants For Chronic Pain Disability Claims

We Know Your Pain Is Real

Chronic pain, though unseen, can still significantly impact your ability to work effectively. If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain, you may feel like your options are limited. You may also feel frustrated by going from doctor to doctor, trying to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

At Disability Claim Consultants, we know the effects chronic pain can have on your life and your family. We strive to help those suffering from chronic pain and other disabling conditions get the disability benefits they deserve. With more than 20 years of experience helping people obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), we have the knowledge and compassionate representation you're looking for.

Can I Get Disability Benefits For Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain often accompanies other physical impairments that may qualify for SSD or SSI benefits, but even so, obtaining benefits to manage your pain can be highly subjective. The use of medical evidence is more crucial than ever. As with any claim, we highly recommend that you tell your doctor exactly how your condition affects your life. Here are some questions you should consider and discuss with your doctor:

  • Does your pain prevent you from sleeping at night?
  • Do you struggle with chronic daytime fatigue that interferes with your ability to concentrate and focus on daily activities?
  • What specific activities make your pain more evident? Is it worse when you sit or stand?
  • How often do you need to stop and take a rest break when going about your day because of your pain?
  • Do you need to elevate your feet periodically during the day or after even light chores or activities?
  • Do you need a cushion to sit on or to place behind your back when seated?

The answers to these questions not only give your doctor a better picture of your condition, but they can prove invaluable when seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Such detailed reports in your medical history can mean the difference between obtaining benefits and having your claim denied.

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain Syndrome? Our Consultants Serve Council Bluffs And Surrounding Areas Of Omaha

At Disability Claim Consultants are here to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. We provide caring, yet aggressive, advocacy throughout the SSD/SSI application and appeals process - no matter how long it takes, we will be at your side.

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